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CrossFit athlete lifted up by Ascension Via Christi Physical Therapy

Allison Barry, PhD, is assistant professor of the Pittsburg State University Exercise Science department who strives to practice what she preaches.

So for the past two of the three years she has lived in Pittsburg, the Fargo, North Dakota, native has incorporated CrossFit into her daily routine of work, working out and walking her dog.

In November 2019, her dog tugged at its leash following a tough workout, resulting in a sudden jerk that created extreme pain and stiffness on the left side of Allison’s neck.

“It hurt so bad, but I was nervous to seek help because I was unsure of the quality of care in rural areas,” she says. “After an initial visit to my first therapy center went poorly, I put off seeking out help again.”

So she endured six more months of the pain, which could be brought on by just sitting and working at her desk.

While she initially planned to wait and get therapy in Fargo during a summer break in classes, the pain led her to self-refer a no-cost consultation Ascension Via Christi Physical Therapy Center in Pittsburg instead.

In August, she began working with physical therapist Natalie Rutledge, who has been at the center for nearly nine years.

“My goal is to help patients work towards their own goals,” says Rutledge. “And for Allison, that was getting back to her workout and daily routine pain-free.”  

The two spent five sessions going through a carefully curated treatment plan, which included therapist-led stretching and mobility, at-home posture and strengthening exercises and massage.

Rutledge also used dry needling, which uses electrical stimulation to relax and quell the pain directly in the nerves.

“Dry needling, even though I dislike needles, was pleasant and effective for my pain and I wasn’t even aware of this treatment,” says Allison, whose personalized treatment plan focused on targeting and eliminating her pain at the deepest point possible.

After only a few visits, Allison reported zero pain and had regained full mobility, says Rutledge.

Allison says she enjoyed Rutledge’s reliable guidance and the warm welcome she felt at each visit to the center.

“The receptionists and all the therapists appear to love their job and the environment was so comforting to be in,” she says. “I’ve recommended Natalie and Ascension Via Christi’s Therapy Center to a bunch of people. I encourage everyone to not put off their pain or health needs if they can avoid it.”

To request a free phone consultation or physical therapy appointment, or to learn more, visit our Physical Therapy website.

To learn more about Ascension Via Christi Physical Therapy Center in Pittsburg, visit the website. 

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