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COVID-19 unit nurse shares prayer of gratitude for her team

Maggie Faul, RN, has spent half of her five years as a registered nurse working on a fifth-floor medical-surgical unit at Ascension Via Christi St. Francis.

She was serving as charge nurse when the news came on Nov. 7 that her unit was to be converted to a COVID-19 unit — immediately — and it was her responsibility to help with the logistics and share the news with the team who had been preparing for such a potential move.

"Still, it's a big announcement to say, 'Hey, guys, we are going to transfer eight patients out to other areas and then we're going to get 12 patients in just as soon as the beds are ready,'" says Faul.

While prior to the COVID-19 pandemic that type of news might have caused an uproar, that was not the case.

"Nobody said, 'I can't do that' or 'I have to leave on time tonight,'" says Faul. "Everyone stayed late."

Her team's eagerness to serve was so impressive that she posted a prayer of thanks on the unit's private Facebook group, which someone later printed out and posted in the unit's donning and doffing area.

"It was really me just journaling and talking to Jesus," says Faul, whose post was full of praise for the team who she says despite full hands opened them up to take on more. "Jesus spoke to me and said, 'You can tell me about them, so maybe you should tell them."

So she did, telling Jesus how she was humbled and honored to be a part of their team as together they tackled the challenge of helping transform the fifth floor to one dedicated to caring for patients who are COVID-19 positive.

"There was an eagerness to serve that I hadn't noticed before, like I could see their true hearts for this profession that only an impossible task could bring out," wrote Faul, who says that while she did some of the logistics, her teammates did the heavy lifting.

That can-do spirit, says Faul, continues as together they care for patients in what is now a 35-bed unit dedicated to COVID-19 care.

This year, she had hoped to travel to Kansas City to spend Thanksgiving with extended family since she is not scheduled to work. Instead, she will spend the day at home enjoying a special meal with her husband and their three children, counting their blessings.

Among them, Faul wrote in her post, is her "impressive" team.

"Bless them Jesus with joy, with peace, with confidence as they work because they are AMAZING."


The prayer Faul wrote to and about her Ascension Via Christi St. Francis fifth floor medical-surgical unit teammates. 

Faul, in full PPE, shows her nurse fierceness for the camera.

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