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A colorful season with colorful reasons - about our Ascension logo

Red and green carry special meaning at Christmas. The red represents the blood of Jesus when he was crucified and green represents eternal life.

Like Christmas’ red and green, the Ascension colors we are adopting – blue, purple and green – carry their own special meaning, too.

The green represents growth, blue is for health and purple is for compassion.

Our Ascension emblem represents the Christian trinity. The inward-facing logo represents the reflection of our name, our purpose and our culture.

As we constantly grow and reflect, the emblem shows how we can grow to serve others in life-changing ways. The emblem faces outward to show our congruency with each other and the work we put towards our Mission to serve and live in the ideal ways of compassion and healing.

The name Ascension was chosen by our historic Sponsors because it invites us all to share in the healing ministry and implies hope and growth. “Ascension” references an account in the Christian scriptures when Jesus ascends to heaven and places his healing the hands of that early community, sending them forth to be vessels and instruments of transformation.

“Ascension was the perfect expression of what the new system could be. It challenges us to embrace excellence, inclusiveness and reverence for all life.”

-Sister Marilyn Perkins, Daughters of Charity

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