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Children's Miracle Network Hosptials provides $163,000 in life-saving equipment to NICU

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals at Ascension Via Christi has provided a sizable grant to Respiratory Care, allowing them to purchase four Servo-n ventilators and one oscillator for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Ascension Via Christi St. Joseph.

This life support equipment is essential to supporting the respiratory needs of the most fragile, preterm babies and full-term newborns who have respiratory complications.  

Cost for the one oscillator was $28,000 and $135,000 for four Servo-n ventilators, for a total CMNH donation of more than $163,000.

The oscillator is a specialty ventilator that provides high frequency oscillatory ventilation to the most critical babies in the NICU.  The oscillator’s unique breath delivery protects under-developed lungs until babies grow and mature. 

CMNH purchased two oscillators for the NICU more than 18 years ago, but they have reached their maximum hours of use.  

The acquisition of Servo-n ventilators will allow the NICU to introduce non-invasive positive pressure ventilation.  This new mode of ventilation will allow staff to provide a higher level of respiratory support to babies without having to place a breathing tube in their lungs. 

Respiratory Therapists can use a mask over babies’ noses or small prongs that fit just inside the nose, which dramatically decreases the risk of infection, and is more comfortable, according to Melanie Northcutt, Respiratory Care Specialist at Via Christi St Joseph.

“We are so grateful to CMNH for their support,” says Northcutt. CMNH’s support continues to provide essential grants and technology to Ascension Via Christi Hospitals each year.

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