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Cheers for great nursing peers

Nurses, like physicians, have special areas of expertise. Andra McCarty, an RN in her second year on 8SW at Ascension Via Christi St. Francis, recently was caring for a patient with wound vac complications she hadn’t previously encountered.

Fortunately, when she reached out for help, she immediately received the support she needed from Amanda Banda, RN, in Trauma and Jenna Artis, RN, the charge nurse in the Burn Center.

“I knew my best move as a nurse that night was when I knew I needed help that I wasn’t afraid to ask.”

With the help of teammates from other units and the house supervisor who helped her get in contact with them, she was able to quickly get a surgeon at the bedside and address her patient’s needs.

Andra detailed the events of the evening along with her gratitude in a recent “Cheers for Peers” recognizing Amanda and Jenna, noting that she was in awe of their nursing knowledge and how they would go on “to inspire me to be that kind of nurse someday when a new nurse might call for some help.”

Says Carla Yost, system chief nursing officer: “Andra’s experience shows the true spirit of teamwork and a wonderful example of putting the patient first

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