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Ascension Via Christi suctioning clinic offers 24/7 help for young children with bronchiolitis

The Ascension Via Christi Suctioning Clinic is a 24-hour, prescription-only treatment option for children ages 4 weeks to 24 months with bronchiolitis.
"We are providing this service because we know it will be needed and is not available anywhere else around the clock," says Jennifer Rogers, nurse manager for Pediatrics at Ascension Via Christi St. Francis.
A physician or advance provider will need to provide a prescription to the clinic. Once referred to the clinic, your child will be seen by a qualified pediatric nurse for evaluation and treatment. Twice a day visits for up to four days from initial date of script or as directed by physician are recommended.
Families must have their prescription in hand and enter through the Emergency Department each time they wish to use the clinic.
For more information, call 316-268-5793.
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