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Ascension Via Christi Halloween celebrations a huge success

Despite the bitter cold and snowflakes in October, more than 650 people showed up to Ascension Via Christi St. Teresa’s first Trunk-or-Treat.

“The attendance was way beyond what we had expected,” says Steve Gillies, physician and community relations at Ascension Via Christi. “It was absolutely a home run.”

Attendees got the chance to visit 20 trunks staffed by associates and their families who provided the candy and fun for visitors. Among the participants was surgeon and hernia specialist Ragnar Peterson, MD, Ascension Medical Group Via Christi, and his family.

“The trunk or treat was a great event. My daughter Scarlett, also known as ‘Baby Shark’, enjoyed it immensely, as did all the kids and families who participated,” says Dr. Peterson.

The trunks were entered into a contest for team, individual and department winners. The judges were individuals from Cocoa Dolce and Sedgwick County. The winner of the individual trunk was a Walk The Plank theme by Kim Spunaugle. The team trunk winner was a Game Night Fun theme by the Ascension Via Christi, Partners in Caring volunteers. The department winner was a Cobweb Cemetery theme by the radiology department. 

The goal of the event was to invite people to experience St. Teresa in something other than an unexpected ER visit.

“We were more than pleased by our turnout and support from our associates and our community,” says Steve Gillies. “We are looking forward to hosting more community events to get to know our neighbors and those we serve at St. Teresa.”

Other Halloween activities throughout the week included a sneak peek associate and family trick or treat at Ascension Via Christi St. Joseph’s newly completed sixth-floor activity center and pumpkin decorating contests at St. Joseph, Ascension Via Christi St. Francis and the Ascension Via Christi offices on Thorn. Additionally, associates throughout the hospitals and clinics got in the spirit, donning costumes and enjoying treats and pot luck with their co-workers.

“Flu season soon will be in full swing, so it’s important to take a moment to have fun with our teammates and their families as well as with those we serve,” says Kevin Strecker, Ascension Via Christi’s chief operating officer. “I think by everyone’s account, we achieved that this year and more.” 



  • 1: Associates from Ascension Via Christi's Cancer Center, the freestanding outpatient cancer treatment facility on St. Francis campus, dressed up as superheroes. 
  • 2 - 4: Ascension Via Christi Family Medicine residency clinic associates dressed up in impressive costumes.
  • 5 - 6: Associates at Ascension Via Christi St. Joseph decorated the new 6th-floor activity center for an associate and family trick or treat. 
  • 7: Just a sneak peek of the over 650 attendees at Ascension Via Christi St. Teresa's first Trunk or Treat event. 
  • 8: Robyn Chadwick, vice president of Ascension Via Christi St. Teresa, was well-prepared with candy for  St. Teresa's Trunk or Treat. 
  • 9: This "Walk the Plank" trunk won the individual trunk decorating contest.
  • 10: This "Carnival Game Night" trunk won the team decorating contest, done by the Ascension Via Christi, Partners in Caring volunteers. 
  • 11: This "Cobweb Cemetary" trunk won the department decorating contest, done by the radiology department at St. Teresa. 
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