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Ascension Via Christi recognizes graduating teen, young adult volunteers

Graduation time is always a bittersweet time, but never more so than in a year when school was brought to an abrupt halt by a worldwide pandemic.

Susan Delling, director of Guest and Volunteer Services at Ascension Via Christi, and Misty Marley, volunteer coordinator, did not want to see the nearly two dozen teen and young adult volunteers who have given of their time and talent begin the next leg of their journey without first receiving the special recognition they deserved.

So the pair ordered custom signs and then placed them in the front yards of their homes, which ranged from 37th Street North to 55th Street South and from Andover to Colwich.

"We called ahead to make sure it was OK, then divided them up and delivered them," says Delling. "They were thrilled that we would think about them at a time like this and we were thrilled to get to recognize our young volunteers who have come to mean so much to us."

Collegiate graduate Sana Mahomed, whose father is an orthopedic surgeon, was among the 22 volunteers graduating from Wichita State University and nine area high schools.

"It was so sweet," says her mother, Zohra. "We put it up right away."

About Roz Hutchinson

Roz Hutchinson is a Wichita wife, mother and chief spoiler of six grandkids and three Chihuahuas, a die-hard women's basketball fan, and director of Communications and Public Relations for Ascension Via Christi.