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Ascension Via Christi celebrates Mission Week, COVID-19 patient discharges

On Wednesday, May 20, Ascension Via Christi St. Francis discharged its 50th patient admitted to its Wichita hospitals for treatment of COVID-19.
It occurred during Ascension Via Christi's Mission Week celebrations and was recognized during the daily prayer shared over the intercom at its Wichita hospitals. 
"Seeing our 50th COVID-19-positive patient discharge from the hospital was a milestone of sorts," says Sam Antonios, chief medical officer for the Ascension Via Christi Wichita hospitals. "It serves as a testament to the commitment of our caregivers and everyone who helped ensure our ability to safely care for all the patients coming to us, including those with COVID-19."
Since mid-March, Ascension Via Christi has cared for 163 COVID-19-positive patients at its Kansas facilities, including 64 at its Wichita hospitals, including outpatient ER visits, and 69 at its Ascension Medical Group Via Christi clinics.
"As we prepared for and continue to respond to this worldwide pandemic, I have continued to be in awe of the dedication, commitment and courage of our associates," says Carla Yost, Ascension Via Christi's chief nursing and quality officer.
Peg Tichacek, chief mission officer, agreed, adding, "Our associates truly are the living embodiment of our Mission." 
PICTURE: Some of the nurses serving Ascension Via Christi St. Francis' COVID-19 unit
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