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66 pounds lighter and happier, Dave Lewis, 67, a big fan of Via Christi's weight loss program

Dave Lewis weight loss

Dave Lewis remembers the exact moment when he knew he do something about his weight.

Dave, who works for a property management company, was on-site with a contractor at a property. The contractor’s 8-year-old son who was there later asked his dad why Dave’s tummy was so big.

“I signed up for Ascension Via Christi Weight Management that day,” he says, after hearing the story.

A former co-worker had success with Via Christi’s medically supervised weight-loss program, and Dave figured it might be the formula he needed to lose weight — a formula that didn’t come with other diet programs he had tried.

“The other programs had me on a roller coaster ride,” says Dave, who lost more than 25 pounds twice but gained it back. “I knew if it was going to work, this would be a permanent lifestyle change for me.”

A new approach

Dave weighed 250 pounds when he started Ascension Via Christi Weight Management’s Healthy Solutions diet, which pairs HMR shakes, entrees and more with many servings of fruits and vegetables. Those in the program attend weekly support classes and benefit from health coaching from the Weight Management team.

“My biggest fear was being hungry — getting angry and raiding the pantry,” Dave says. “But I don’t even like to think about this as a diet. I have never been hungry. They don’t starve you or say you can’t eat. It’s just staying inside the box for what we should eat.”

Dave, 67, enjoys the HMR shakes, and his favorite HMR entree is beef stroganoff. He enjoys getting creative, like creating a loaded baked potato with the HMR turkey chili.

Getting active

Meanwhile, he also has a newfound love of exercise. He spends 45 minutes in the morning in his home gym, then often walks at lunch or in the evening depending on the weather. He also takes long bike rides on the roads near his east Wichita home on weekends.

The effort has paid off: He’s dropped 66 pounds.

“It’s made an amazing difference in my life,” he says. “It’s made a huge difference in my temperament. I’m a nicer person — I don’t get grumpy as often. I’m more sensitive to others.”

Adds Leann Moore, a health educator for Weight Management: “Dave was a pleasure to work with on his journey to losing weight. He fully embraced the program and coaching from day one and transformed right before my eyes. He has become a walking billboard for how to live a healthy lifestyle.”

Dave’s co-workers have noticed the transformation — several have signed up for Weight Management themselves. And now, instead of just having a sheet cake at company birthday gatherings, there are big bowls of fruit, too.

“You’ve got to get in there quick,” Dave says with a smile. “The fruit goes fast.”

He encourages others who are thinking about a weight-loss program to give Ascension Via Christi Weight Management a try.

“This is the program that worked for me,” he says. “I like what I eat now, and the way I live my life.”