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Ascension partners with Kansas City to support behavioral health center

Thanks to financial support from Ascension, residents of Kansas City, Mo., soon will have greater access to behavioral health services.

Ascension is partnering with the city to help fund a new mental-health assessment and triage center being developed in downtown Kansas City. Ascension will contribute $20 million over 10 years to the effort, continuing the national health ministry’s more than 100-year legacy of serving the Kansas City community.

In-home therapy helps knee replacement patient get back on her feet

Nine days after Patsy Hurst had a total knee replacement in her right knee, Via Christi Home Health physical therapist Elly Wilber is at Patsy’s home just southwest of Pittsburg. Wilber is about halfway through her post-surgery two-week therapy regimen with Patsy.

This is Patsy’s second total knee replacement this year — she had her left knee replaced in March. 

When Patsy, 84, started exploring her options with her knees, she says they asked her which knee was the bad one. 

Kohl's Department Stores donates more than $53,000 to Via Christi's Kohl's Safety Town

Nationwide, pedestrian injury is one of the leading causes of injury-related death for children ages 5 to 14 — leading Ascension Via Christi and Kohl's Cares to develop Kohl's Safety Town, a community-based interactive pedestria

Lifestyle choices more effective than energy drinks to boost metabolism

energy drinks

Do you have too much to do? Too many things on your plate? Too many school finals? Balls in the air? Of course you do. It wouldn't be 21st century America if you didn't have to be somewhere across town five minutes ago. 

Yet there are still those who need just a little more of an edge to get everything done, and for them the answer is the energy drink. From time to time I have been asked various questions about energy drinks: What's in them? Are they safe for me to drink? The most honest and brief response is, I don't know. In the strictest sense, no one really knows.

Botox can be used to treat spasticity

Botox for spasticity

When people hear the word “Botox," many associate it with preventing facial wrinkles. However, botulinum toxin – a neurotoxin that paralyzes targeted muscles – actually has many other beneficial medical purposes. Botox, as we know it, is actually a brand name for a specific strain of botulinum toxin made by pharmaceutical company Allergan. Other brands also exist in the market.


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