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In-home therapy helps knee replacement patient get back on her feet

Nine days after Patsy Hurst had a total knee replacement in her right knee, Via Christi Home Health physical therapist Elly Wilber is at Patsy’s home just southwest of Pittsburg. Wilber is about halfway through her post-surgery two-week therapy regimen with Patsy.

This is Patsy’s second total knee replacement this year — she had her left knee replaced in March. 

When Patsy, 84, started exploring her options with her knees, she says they asked her which knee was the bad one. 

Kohl's Department Stores donates more than $53,000 to Via Christi's Kohl's Safety Town

Nationwide, pedestrian injury is one of the leading causes of injury-related death for children ages 5 to 14 — leading Via Christi Health and Kohl's Cares to develop Kohl's Safety Town, a community-based interactive pedestrian a

Update on listeria and Blue Bell ice cream

Via Christi was not aware of any listeria contamination in Blue Bell Creameries ice cream products until March 9. Upon learning of a possible connection to five patients who became ill with listeriosis during their hospitalizations for unrelated causes between December 2013 and January 2015, Via Christi immediately removed from distribution all Blue Bell Creameries products from all its care sites.

Information regarding local listeriosis cases

Via Christi Hospital St. Francis identified five patients who became ill with listeriosis during their hospitalizations for unrelated causes between December 2013 and January 2015. Via Christi worked closely with the Kansas Department of Health & Environment (KDHE) to investigate the cause of the listeriosis cases in these five patients, which has now been linked to pre-packaged ice cream from Blue Bell Creameries believed to have been consumed by these patients.

Are you prepared for severe weather?

Severe Weather Week

Severe weather season is upon us. 

Severe Weather Awareness Week is March 2-6, which is a great time to prepare for Kansas’ severe weather season, says Carolyn Koehn, director of Safety, Environmental Services and Emergency Management for Via Christi Hospitals in Wichita.

“It’s critically important to prepare emergency plans, and to know what to do — at work and at home — before severe weather strikes,” says Koehn.

Is your family prepared should severe weather develop?

Consider the following for your emergency plan:

Via Christi distributing free kits to test for colon cancer during March


Colon cancer is largely preventable and treatable when caught early. Unfortunately, one in three adults age 50 to 75 years have not been screened for colon cancer as recommended.

To help raise colon cancer awareness and promote early detection, Via Christi Health will be distributing free fecal occult blood test kits to anyone 50 and older throughout the month of March.

Diet-free habits for healthy living

Zonya Foco

Want to ditch dieting forever?

Nutritionist Zonya Foco says it's possible. Foco, who will be speaking at this year's Women's Fair, suggests these year-round tips for keeping the pounds off.

1. Drink water and think before you drink anything else.

2. Include breakfast and stop eating two or three hours before bedtime.

3. Eat often and include a fruit or vegetable each time.

4. Tame your sweet tooth and naturally eat as little sugar as possible.

HMR program stands among the nation's best for weight loss

HMR, a program offered for the past 18 years by Via Christi Weight Management, recently was named by U.S. News & World Report as one of the nation's best.

It ranked second on the magazine's annual list of best diets--marking the first time that the HMR program, which integrates diet, physical activity and healthy lifestyle skills through weekly coaching, has been included.


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