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How to fight the flu with your food


If you are looking for the best way to make it through the cold and flu season disease-free, the solution may be in your kitchen. A major key to a healthy immune system may be to cultivate the trillions of critters living within your body.

We are hosts to over 100 trillion microbes representing over 1000 species of bacteria and other microscopic organisms who have co-evolved with us and are responsible for a multitude of physiologic and metabolic processes within our bodies. Humans ARE an ecosystem. And immune function is one of their primary goals.

A doctor’s advice for eating ‘real food’

Real food

I would estimate that more than 80 percent of the disease processes I see every day are directly linked to diet. A traditionally neglected area of discussion, nutrition is paramount to both disease prevention and treatment but much of the current advice about diet can be confusing and is weighted down with conflicts of interest and advice that seems insurmountable with limited budgets of both money and time.

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