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Rapid response by stroke team key to firefighter's recovery

Kelby Harrison

It was a typical trip to the YMCA for Sedgwick County Fire Department Capt. Kelby Harrison and his station mates: work out, then play a quick game of hoops. 

But everything changed as they walked back to their truck to return to the station.

“That’s when it hit me,” says the 51-year-old Kelby. “I kind of fell against the wall. My right side went numb and I couldn’t speak right.” His fellow firefighters — Cole Anderson and Jordan McKenzie — recognized the symptoms immediately. Kelby was having a stroke.

How healthy is sriracha?


Are you a devotee of sweet-and-spicy sriracha sauce?

The traditional Thai condiment was introduced to the United States about 30 years ago, and now about 20 million bottles of the red sauce with the distinctive rooster on the front are sold here each year.

Sriracha-lovers add a dash to everything from their breakfast eggs to dinner entrees to snack dips.

Some health-conscious cooks are giving this popular condiment a second look, however. They worry that its high sugar and salt content may make it a not-so-healthy addition to their meals.

In a winter exercise slump? A workout buddy can help

Workout buddies

Daily walks or runs have been a part of Colleen Brink’s life for years. It’s how she keeps a healthy weight and trains for the many 5K runs she and her family participate in each year.

But sometimes, admits Brink who is a health coach for Via Christi, she gets bored with the same old workout routine and is tempted to just skip it altogether.

That’s when she turns to her workout buddies for help.

Why you shouldn't use hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol on cuts and scrapes


What’s the best way to clean a minor cut or scrape?

It’s not to pour hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol over the open wound, says Anthony Shaver, an advanced practice nurse at Ascension Medical Group Immediate Care.

Instead, he says, it’s best to gently clean injuries with an antiseptic wipe or under cool running water.

Eaten in moderation, pumpkin pie filled with nutritional benefits

Pumpkin pie

It just isn’t Thanksgiving without a big slice of Grandma’s famous pumpkin pie.

But, says Ascension Medical Group dietitian Sheryll Clarke, there’s lots to love about this traditional favorite besides its delicious flavor and creamy texture.

A typical serving of homemade pumpkin pie (1/8th of the whole) — made with canned pumpkin, evaporated milk, whole eggs, sugar and spices — has these percentages of the recommended daily nutrient amounts for adults:

Oak mites: Tiny pests pack a potent punch

Oak leaf and acorns

Have you spent the afternoon working in the yard under the shade of your sprawling oak tree, then awakened the next morning to find your face, neck arms and upper body covered in tiny, red, extremely itchy bumps and welts? Chances are, you’ve been bitten by the pesky oak leaf itch mite.

These microscopic bugs, which have been prolific in recent years, feast on larvae that live in a galls that grow on the edge of oak leaves. When they’re done feeding, they drop from the trees to the ground — and onto anyone or anything below.

Recipe: Banana-Berry Nice Cream

Berry ice cream

On a hot summer day, what could be better than a big, frosty bowl of ice cream?

Ascension Medical Group dietitian Sheryll Clarke has an answer: Banana-Berry Nice Cream.

This sweet and creamy dessert, of blended frozen fruit, scoops and tastes much like ice cream. Plus it’s packed with the vitamins, minerals and fiber found in whole fruit. But, it has much less fat and just a fraction of the calories of ice cream.

Weight Management program 'clicked' for 42-year-old mom

Heidi Porter

Heidi Porter has tried dozens of diets since her preteen years, losing “a lot of weight” — but always gaining it back.

By the time she was in her 30s, she was more than 100 pounds overweight.

“I had gotten to the point that I thought weight-loss surgery was the only answer,” said the 42-year-old stay-at-home mom of two girls, ages 9 and 11. “Then I heard about the HMR program for Weight Management at Via Christi, and decided it was worth a try.

Recipe: Veggie Variety Salad with Green Goddess Dressing

Veggie salad with green goddess dressing

A meal of fresh, in-season vegetables — like this Veggie Variety Salad — is the perfect way to celebrate this season, says Via Christi dietitian Karen Stutzman.

Naturally low in calories, vegetables also are important sources of vitamins, minerals and fiber, are low in fat, sodium and calories, and are cholesterol-free.

“Remember, variety is key when it comes to vegetables,” she says. “That’s because different kinds contain different nutrients, so mix them up to include as many types and colors as you can.”

'Natural' skin care products can still cause allergic reactions

Natural skin care products

Plant-based fragrances and oils are common ingredients in everything from cosmetics to cleaning products. But for some people, these “natural” substances can be a source of unexpected allergic reactions.
“The fact is, all kinds of products containing these sorts of natural ingredients can cause allergic eczema, or a reaction such as an itchy, red rash in some people,” says Kyle Rockers, MD, a Ascension Medical Group dermatologist. “I see it all the time in my patients.”


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