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Car wreck leads test pilot to cancer discovery, recovery

On Christmas Eve 2018, a car crashed into Kelsey Veer’s vehicle as he was running errands before heading home to celebrate the holiday with his wife, Tami, and their five daughters, ages 2 to 11.

"I declined services at the scene because I mostly had cuts, bruises and scrapes," says the 36-year-old test pilot. But once home, Tami convinced him to go to the Newton Medical Center ER to get checked out.

After a CT of his head and X-rays of his chest, he was released to go home.

Pharmacists helping patients better manage diabetes, other chronic conditions in outpatient setting

After Ascension Via Christi’s Lyndsey Buzzard and Meghan Haftman earned their Doctor of Pharmacy degrees, both went on to complete out-of-state post-doctoral residency training in the outpatient setting.

Non-opioid treatment option allows Kansan to keep working pain-free

Kenny Giesbrecht

By age 51, Kenny Giesbrecht had endured six surgeries on his right knee with no relief for the pain that had plagued him for nearly 10 years.

So by the time he was referred to Brian Goentzel, MD, an interventional pain management specialist with Ascension Medical Group Via Christi, he was ready to throw in the towel.

Shedding light on melanoma

Each spring and summer, Americans look forward to opportunities to put on shorts or swimsuits and soak up the sunrays. But fun in the sun does bring with it the risk of skin cancer.
Basal and squamous cell skin cancers have been linked to long-term cumulative sun exposure – such as the kind to which farmers and sailors are exposed. Melanoma, the most serious of skin cancers, has been linked to intense, intermittent exposure to the sun’s rays – such as a painful sunburn from a day at the pool. 

Local eggshell sculptor says knee repair was 'work of art'

For more than 40 years, sculpting art out of eggshells has been “more than a hobby and less than a living” for Wichitan Yolonda Pears.
As she completes each one, she carefully signs it – denoting her pride in the resulting work of art – before offering it for sale.
However, until last year, Yolonda’s been less than happy with the outcome of her total left knee replacement done in 2014. Instead of alleviating the pain she had been experiencing for several years, it only exacerbated it. A follow-up procedure to “clean out” the area also provided no relief.

‘FAST’ thinking gets woman back on pickleball court weeks after a stroke

Karen Fox loves pickleball, often playing all day long since taking up the sport a little over two years ago.
So after three hours of play, she was thrilled have gone to her second interview at Chicken N Pickle and been offered a part-time job. But it wasn’t accepting the position that will forever make Jan. 5, 2019, memorable for Karen and her husband, Ted.
Rather, it was the life-threatening stroke she suffered at 7:30 that night while watching an NFL playoff game and eating chicken wings with Ted.


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