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Corporate responsibility program

Ensuring compliant and ethical healthcare

Since 1998, Via Christi has maintained our comprehensive Corporate Responsibility Program, which includes: defining and communicating expected behaviors of compliant and ethical conduct; providing a method for reporting concerns or possible misconduct; identifying and monitoring compliance risks; and establishing organizational support for this program.

The Corporate Responsibility Program represents Via Christi's commitment to integrity, transparent and open communication, and doing the right things for the right reasons. Associates have a responsibility to understand and follow the principles and policies established through the Program. Corporate Responsibility is much more than a set of rules and policies -- it is everyone's obligation on a daily basis.

Standards of conduct

"The Standards of Conduct - A Mission Based on Values and Ethics" reflect Via Christi's commitment to living our Mission and Core Values in caring for those we serve and one another.  The Standards communicate expected behavior that is essential in a culture of integrity and service.  Via Christi requires annual training on the Standards of Conduct and the Corporate Responsibility Program.

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Privacy and security

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, first became law in 1996.  The regulations address the privacy and security of health data.  They also establish national standards for electronic healthcare transactions and national identifiers for healthcare providers, employers, and health plans. Via Christi has policies and procedures in place to ensure that information regarding those we serve remains confidential, and that security risks are minimized as required by HIPAA.

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Prevention (fraud, waste and abuse)

Ascension Via Christi strives to deliver quality care and service to those we serve. This includes beneficiaries of federal health insurance programs: Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE, which covers the United States military community. Our concern for quality extends beyond the care and treatment of those we serve. We also make every effort to ensure that all claims submitted for services and goods are complete and accurate.

This booklet has been developed by Ascension Via Christi Corporate Responsibility Office to provide you with critical information about the prevention of fraud, waste of and abuse in federal and state health insurance progams.

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Ask questions and report abuse

Individuals are encouraged to ask questions or report concerns regarding compliance. Although reporting and resolving issues are part of our usual business activity, where an individual is uncomfortable reporting an issue through the chain of command, the individual may contact the Values Line at 1-800-794-9027. Values Line calls may be anonymous. Reporting also is available at

Via Christi makes every effort to protect a caller's confidentiality to the extent allowed by law and within the boundaries of conducting a thorough investigation. There will be no retribution or retaliation for anyone who in good faith reports concern, asks a question, or identifies a possible violation.