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Milk matters: Mom-to-mom breastfeeding group

This group is brought to you by Mercy Regional Health Center in partnership with Riley County K-State Research and Extension. Certified lactation counselors and breastfeeding educators will lead this weekly breastfeeding group. No appointment is necessary. Please come for the entire time or stay for just a little while. Older siblings are welcome to attend.

Research has shown that women who participate in groups with other mothers tend to adjust to motherhood and breastfeeding more easily.

We discuss:

  • How do I know if my baby is getting enough?
  • Is my latch correct?
  • Why does one side hurt more than the other?
  • Will my breasts ever feel the same again?
  • How do I prepare to return to work?
  • And more
Mercy Regional Health Center
1823 College Avenue, 2nd Floor, OB Conference Room
Contact phone: 
(785) 776-2830 x1615