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Homecoming events kick off for the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother

The Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother, one of Via Christi’s founding congregations, assembled Wednesday to begin a three-day celebration of their 125 years providing health care in Wichita.

Fittingly, the 13 SSMs from Rome, the Caribbean, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin started their events by sharing a dinner with the Congregation of St. Joseph. The two groups of Sisters combined their ministries in 1995 to form Via Christi.

How to make the most of your doctor visit

How to make the most of a doctor visit
Whether your doctor visit is for a yearly checkup or because you have a health concern, it’s important to have a good relationship with your physician.
He or she should be someone who listens to your concerns, is easy to talk to about sensitive personal issues, and takes time to explain complex medical information in understandable terms.
Also key to having a good relationship with your doctor is being well-prepared for your office visit. That can improve the experience for both you and your physician.

Upgraded Via Christi room service program expands focus on service

The room service program at Via Christi Hospital St. Francis and St. Joseph recently upgraded with new titles and uniforms for associates, designed to reflect a focus on service.

“Associates who deliver meals are now called ambassadors,” says Dorinda Perez, manager of Clinical Nutrition. “We felt the new title reflected our focus on customer service.”

Can you get the flu from the flu shot?

If you’ve ever gotten a flu shot and then a day or two later you feel sick, you might wonder if the symptoms were a result of getting the flu shot.

That’s largely a myth, according to Maggie Hagan, MD, an infectious disease specialist.

“When one gets the flu, what do they experience? They may experience muscle aches, low grade or high fever,” Dr. Hagan says. “You can have some muscle aches and fever from the flu vaccine. That doesn’t mean you have the flu.”

Is it safe for pregnant women to eat seafood?

Is it safe for pregnant women to eat seafood?

There has recently been some conflicting information in the media about whether or not it’s okay for pregnant women to eat seafood, especially tuna, while pregnant.

We asked Via Christi Clinic maternal-fetal specialist Michael Wolfe, MD, for some insight into the issue.

“The concern over eating seafood during pregnancy is the exposure to mercury,” said Dr. Wolfe. “If you eat seafood that has too much mercury in it, it could damage your unborn child’s brain and nervous system.”


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